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June 27, 2007


David Damico

Hey, great post! I thought this over a year ago. Good eye. Talk about out of touch. I used to love this logo as a kid because it was so dramatic. Now that drama seems almost insidious. See my take on the same subject at http://www.ddamico.net/wordpress/

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Awesome read, i was speaking to a friend the other day about the same topic and gave him this article to visit.

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For most users this may only be a new gimmick but for me it's so much more! The ability to reorder tabs or even drag them into new windows is so useful! wow, thanks a lot!

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I've been using Thunderbird and it is very easy to use allows me to manage my multiple email accounts. Business and I thank you launch Thunderbird.

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I simply love the new Add-ons manager! Finally it's as easy as it gets to search the gallery in Thunderbird and manage all my Addons! Thanks for those additions!

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Great! I've been waiting for this for months and now that it's finally here, i will surely have some good times playing poker with it! Thanks!

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