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January 16, 2009


m.s. hay

You framed it in a way that makes it very relevant.

Matt Oechsli

I love how you put everything into context. Keep up the good work, we need this type of communication!

G.B. Veerman

Thanks, lads. Credit really goes to Broda, the Chicago prof who came up with this. But when you think about the economic power of each U.S. state, and then all 50 together, vis-a-vis the rest of the world, you realize we shoulder a disproportionate responsibility for getting clean tech right.


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This map is way off....e.g GDP of Georgia is two times smaller than the one of Switzerland


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I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


I'm confused about this map. Is it saying Ecuador has a GNP several times larger than Russia, or that Mexico, with a GNP of 1.5 trillion dollars, is slightly smaller than Croatia, with a GNP of around 85 billion dollars?


Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!

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It's so rare now to see this kind of map version, they are still helpful in some way.

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