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July 24, 2007


Paul Rankin

Like the man said, "people don't buy a drill bit because they want a drill bit. They buy a drill bit because they want a hole."

That said, in my experience, if people can buy an environmentally friendly product rather than a "neutral" product, and it doesn't cost them an arm and a leg more, most do it.

G.B. Veerman

Paul, I agree with both parts of your comment -- but the second one is most telling: "as long as it doesn't cost them and arm and a leg."

That would seem to reinforce the idea that price -- what it costs me personally -- comes before altruism or activism. Still, I'm not sure enough people really do make the choice when there's a choice to be made. For consumers, protecting the environment is abstract and distant; paying more for something is concrete and immediate. There's a lesson in there....

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